jQuery Form Plugin

The jQuery Form Plugin allows you to easily and unobtrusively upgrade HTML forms to use AJAX

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does jQuery Form Plugin have any dependencies?

The only dependency is jQuery itself.

Which versions of jQuery is jQuery Form Plugin compatible with?

jQuery Form Plugin is compatible with jQuery v1.7.2 and later, including jQuery 2.x.x and 3.x.x.

Is jQuery Form Plugin fast? Does it serialize forms accurately?

Yes! See our comparison page for a look at how jQuery Form Plugin compares to other libraries (including Prototype and dojo).

What is the easiet way to use jQuery Form Plugin?

The ajaxForm method provides the simplest way to enable your HTML form to use AJAX. It’s the one-stop-shopping method for preparing forms.

What is the difference between ajaxForm and ajaxSubmit?

There are two main differences between these methods:

  1. ajaxSubmit submits the form, ajaxForm does not. When you invoke ajaxSubmit it immediately serializes the form data and sends it to the server. When you invoke ajaxForm it adds the necessary event listeners to the form so that it can detect when the form is submitted by the user. When this occurs ajaxSubmit is called for you.
  2. When using ajaxForm the submitted data will include the name and value of the submitting element (or its click coordinates if the submitting element is an image).

How can I cancel a form submit?

You can prevent a form from being submitted by adding a ‘beforeSubmit’ callback function and returning false from that function. See the Code Samples page for an example.

Is there a unit test suite for jQuery Form Plugin?

Yes! jQuery Form Plugin has an extensive set of tests that are used to validate its functionality.
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Does jQuery Form Plugin support file uploads?


Why aren’t all my input values posted?

jQuery Form serialization adheres closely to the HTML spec. Only successful controls are valid for submission.

How do I display upload progress information?